3 Months of Pressure.

I’m surprised I even remembered my login for WordPress.

You may notice it’s been 3 months since my last post on here. Let me just give you, dear reader, a taste of the last three months of my life:

I started a challenging new job. We made an offer on a new house. The offer was denied. We put our house on the market and sold it in 4 days. We went on a 10 day vacation to the West Coast. We frantically searched for a new house. We bought a house. We moved. Ashley got a new job. We bought bicycles. We went to a family reunion.

Now that things are finally settling down again, I almost can’t even remember what to do with freetime.  I’ve made the resolution to get back into the swing of writing, and I plan on sharing things here as much as possible.

More details on the three months of silence to come — but I will say this:  in retrospect, that might have been a little much to do at once.


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