I Told You Avenues Would Never Die

hair-of-the-dog-june-14-016Famously (well, among about 6 people), I once claimed that “Avenues will never die” from stage at one of our shambling, off-the-cuff wedding-related reunion shows between late 2005 and 2006.

And thanks to the internet, I guess I’m right.

On a whim, months ago, I made good on my promise of giving all our music away for free on the internet and uploaded our record and EP to last.fm for the world to stumble across, becuase those 300 copies of “When It Was Me” aren’t doing me any favors sitting in boxes in the attic.

And of course, the traffic on the Avenues page of last.fm is like lonely-country-road-at-night slim. But goofing around tonight online I found this — a blog post written in June after stumbling across our corner of the net. He/she enjoys our stuff and calls it a “travesty” that we exist in such anonymity. If you only knew, friend.

My only correction — there’s some strange album that’s falsely attributed to us on last.fm. For what it’s worth, I would have never put my band name in the album title as well. Especially when I never really liked the band name to begin with. Still wish we had changed it to Madeleine, but, admittedly, we would have only been Madeleine for about 3 weeks, and without a drummer.

Even four (!) years after we called it quits, it’s great to find people that enjoy Avenues. I still put on our EP and feel very proud, and it makes glad to know there are even a few people out there that like it.


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