Long Overdue Update: I Had A Kid.

I suppose I started this blog to record some of the more interesting parts of my life. There have been periods of varying success of this goal, but no oversight larger than the fact that it’s taken me 3 and a half weeks to share this little bit of news: I’m a father.

I’ll provide the details, but first, here’s some really non-insightful insight: technology is crazy awesome. From the very beginning of our process, I was keeping friends and family up to date on the whole experience via Twitter and Facebook — it was easier than making dozens of phonecalls and fielding a hundred text messages (plus, we don’t pay for unlimited text so I have to cut ya’ll off somewhere). Plus, I was just so excited at what turns out to be the most unbelievable joyous experience of my life that I wanted to share it, loud and clear. Maybe that’s part of the generation I’m growing up in, maybe I just like to hear myself talk. (Both, probably). But, at the end of it, I have a nice play-by-play journal of the whole three day experience.

So, rather than post a labored-over retelling (seriously, that is not a pun), I’m going to just copy and paste my transmissions from those few days — the chronology of the birth of my first son, Ansel Franklin Briggs.

Day 1:

In which someone decides to crash the party two weeks early.

  • February 13, 2010 10:38AM:
    Working at @Grimeys today — come buy records from me.
  • February 13, 2010 1:55PM:
    Today is the first time since working at Grimeys that I had the opportunity to reccomend a listener’s first R.E.M. record. It was awesome.
  • February 13, 11:46PM:
    My weekend plans have changed: Ashley’s water just broke!!!!
  • February 13, 11:28PM:
    Thanks to everyone for the encouraging messages! We’re packing bags and watching “Shaun of the Dead” in preparation.
  • February 13, 11:51PM:
    I feel like we’re trying to pack light for this hospital trip, but the problem is we have 6 different small bags.

Day 2:

Tom Petty once said something about the waiting being the hardest part. Tom Petty is a wizard.

  • February 14, 7:01 AM:
    Got a full night of sleep. Real contractions mmmmaybe starting now?
  • February 14, 11:17 AM:
    Still waiting on contractions — going to try accupuncture at 1 in an effort to avoid induction.
  • February 14, 1:25 PM:
    Acupuncture = neat.
  • February 14, 3:02 PM:
    On to the next plan: spicy spicy Thai food…
  • February 14, 6:02 PM:
    I think maybe we’re gradually starting to get somewhere. Is it because of Ghostbusters 2?
  • February 14, 7:44 PM:
    Longest. Day. Ever. And I’m pretty sure it’s going to last at least 8 – 12 hours longer.
  • February 14, 10:42 PM:
    At the hospital. Looks like we’re going to be here a while…
  • February 14, 11:09 PM:
    Ash is getting some drugs to encourage “cervical ripening” and we’re going to try and get a little sleep before the real fun starts.

Day 3:

The Real Olympics. That other stuff is just playing in the snow.

  • February 15, 7:55 AM:
    Got a full night of sleep, waiting to see the midwife and see where we are. Regardless, we’re having this baby today.
  • February 15, 9:38 AM:
    Contractions are fo’ real now! Ash is making it happen. 🙂
  • February 15, 1:09 PM:
    Everyone is anxious for an update… Not much to say: still pregnant and having regular, strong contractions. Ash is doing great!
  • February 15, 1:13 PM:
    Cross county skiing? Pssshhh – not impressed. We’re trying to push a baby through ladyparts here.
  • February 15, 3:24 PM:
    Got a quick coach break: sandwich and a shower. Not simultaneously.
  • February 15, 5:44 PM:
    New update: poor Ash was getting worn out so we took a light epidural in order to get a break before pushing.
  • February 15, 5:54 PM:
    Man, they weren’t joking: having a baby = crazy hard. So proud of Ashley for what she’s done in the last two days.
  • February 15, 7:53 PM:
    Team Ansel is back at it after an hour of sleep. We’ve decided: this dude is gettin’ born tonight.
  • February 15, 8:26 PM:
    It’s go time!!! About to start pushing – he got ready while we were sleeping!
  • February 15, 9:08 PM:
    He’s here, and he’s perfect!! Ansel Franklin Briggs, born 8:49 PM!

  • February 15, 10:17 PM:
    7 pounds 10 ounces, for those counting.
  • February 15, 11:51 PM:
    Me and my boy, already getting used to a sleeping bag.
  • Dad and Ansel Sleeping Bag

  • February 16, 12:57 AM:
    Nothing so perfect has ever happened in my life. Love my wife, love my boy, love my life. Thanks all for the well wishes, they mean so much.

Let’s call this part the prologue:

..In which we get back to some semblance of real life, although 70% of everyone I talk to tells me “real life” will never really be the same, which I fully understand but that’s an awful ominous thing to say to a person, right?, but that’s probably another blog post…

  • February 16, 10:41 AM:
    What some might call a washcloth, hospitals call a towel.
  • February 16 6:51 PM:
    Trying to get with it — all three of us have been decimated by an unplanned nap.
  • February 17 6:41 AM:
    Ansel had many opinions last night, but most of them could simply be expressed as “WAAAAA.” Sleeping soundly now, though.
  • February 17 7:57 AM:
    Best morning ever – spent napping with Ansel in the sun. Headed home no later than 5 PM to introduce our boy to his furry brothers.
  • February 17 9:40 PM:
    In case you were wondering what Ansel has been listening to non-stop since he came into this world: his playlist — http://bit.ly/dtZmtb

…and after many days of adjustment…

  • March 4 3:24 PM:
    Forgive me this sugary sentimentality: I can’t believe how much I love my wife and little boy. Can’t wait to get home.



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