New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

I’m terrible at journaling, but writing things down is an act of making them real. I’m not entirely sure I believe in the concept of a New Year’s Resolution; mostly because I’m the kind of guy who makes (and breaks) new resolutions weekly. But the end of 2013 was oddly reflective for me — it was a beautiful, very happy year that went by entirely too fast — and I want to go into 2014 with a clear picture of the year I want. So here are four things (minus the easy stuff like “finally see The Godfather,” “pet an otter,” and “continue to avoid having to take my kids to a circus.”)…

Balance In Time for the (not-at-all-work-related) Things I Love

I love my job. But I’m bad at balancing work with personal life; I tend to propel myself into a burn-out cycle in the name of “getting things done.” This year I’m going to work smarter, and re-draw a line I’ve gradually let fade by taking more time for the things that keep me happy, sharp, and positive. Namely:

  • Spending time with my family
  • Cycling
  • Climbing (outside!)
  • Camping
  • Playing music

Spend More Time Maintaining My Closest Friendships

Having two kids makes you an absent friend. We were homebound much of 2013 with a tiny baby; in 2014, we’ll be more portable. My friendships are important to me, and I’m going to make time to stay connected to the friends I care about most (including the wife!), even if it means not starting “Breaking Bad” again this year.

Write Something

I can’t even remember the last time I wrote something. At this point I don’t even want to make it a daily habit (reality: won’t happen, won’t be satisfying), but I’d like to write something this year to remind myself that I can still string together words.

Ride a Century

Probably the resolution I’m most nervous about. My 62-mile experiment in November was mostly encouraging, so I’m going to go for the full 100-mile day. I’m not getting any younger, right? (Also, is this maybe the first time I’ve set a specific physical goal for myself.)


Bring it, 2014.


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