I’m a Dad Again

Welcome, Beatrice Christiana Briggs, to our little family. You make us a four-man team.

Beatrice was born March 27, 2013 at 2:15 AM. Unlike her brother, there’s no long story. Ashley went into labor, we folded laundry at home until the last possible minute, we went to the hospital and 3 hours later we had beautiful Beatrice in our lives.

Ansel is thrilled to be a big brother, and watching him meet his baby sister for the first time is one of biggest joys of my life.

Bea's Arrival - 285


Long Overdue Update: I Had A Kid.

I suppose I started this blog to record some of the more interesting parts of my life. There have been periods of varying success of this goal, but no oversight larger than the fact that it’s taken me 3 and a half weeks to share this little bit of news: I’m a father.

I’ll provide the details, but first, here’s some really non-insightful insight: technology is crazy awesome. From the very beginning of our process, I was keeping friends and family up to date on the whole experience via Twitter and Facebook — it was easier than making dozens of phonecalls and fielding a hundred text messages (plus, we don’t pay for unlimited text so I have to cut ya’ll off somewhere). Plus, I was just so excited at what turns out to be the most unbelievable joyous experience of my life that I wanted to share it, loud and clear. Maybe that’s part of the generation I’m growing up in, maybe I just like to hear myself talk. (Both, probably). But, at the end of it, I have a nice play-by-play journal of the whole three day experience.

So, rather than post a labored-over retelling (seriously, that is not a pun), I’m going to just copy and paste my transmissions from those few days — the chronology of the birth of my first son, Ansel Franklin Briggs.

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