My Favorite Records of 2008

I’m a nerd, so by default I love Year End lists. And I’m nerdy enough to make my own (although, in my defense, I had to do this already for Grimey’s…)

So the year in summary?  First, I was so busy this year I feel like I missed a lot of stuff. I didn’t find myself with the time this year to dig much beyond the perpetually-growing list of artists I already have interest in. I scaled back this year, too — whereas 2007 saw me buying something like 200 records, this year I bought about half as many.

Secondly, I found myself disappointed by a lot of records this year (precisely why I have a list of “Disappointments” below).  It’s funny to look at 2008 in contrast to 2007 — in retrospect, I felt like every record that come out in 2007 was vying for best record of the year, while I found myself feeling very “meh” about a lot of the 2008 lineup.

Third, I spent a lot of my musical energy in 2008 digging backward and discovering music I had missed. Some of the musical highlights of ’08 for me included finally getting around to Sun Kil Moon, digesting all of the Beulah back-catalog (and falling deep in love with it), digging into Fela Kuti, afrobeat, and Ethiopian jazz, and an awful lot of post-punk.

Anyhow, on to the lists: Continue reading My Favorite Records of 2008