I Will Always Have Food Today
My wife’s blog. Sometimes I think she loves food more than she loves me, but I’ve learned to accept it.

Grimey’s New and Preloved Music
The best record store in Nashville around, with an amazing staff of music-lovers and genuinely interesting people. I’m honored they let me work here once a month.

Climb Nashville
Three days a week you’ll likely find me here, covered in chalk. Incidentally, this is the best place in Nashville to sever your ACL. (Actually, you’ll probably only tear it if you’re being an idiot, like I was on that particular Sunday.)

I’m a music geek. To relate this in geek vernacular — is my warm Tauntaun carcass on the harsh icy surface of Hoth.
I love to walk long distances in the woods while carrying heavy loads on my back. makes that feel high-tech.

Pop Songs 08
Matthew Perpetua gradually writes an essaylet on every R.E.M. song in existence. Dude beat me to the punch.

True to Life
My buddy Michael is a scientist, and his blog is rarely about science.
I don’t know Michael Eades personally, but he scours the web for great links so I don’t have to. And I’m a fan of his love for facial hair.


One thought on “Links”

  1. Hi from France.
    I have some mp3 songs by your old band Avenues so i want to know the trackisting of yours EP if possible.
    Thanks in advance and excuse my poor English.


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