Record Purchase — December 21, 2008

Record Purchase, December 21 2008


  • Neil Diamond — Greatest Hits
  • R.E.M. — Wendell Gee 12 inch (b/w “Crazy” and a live version of “Driver 8”)
  • R.E.M. — (Don’t Go Back to) Rockville 12-inch UK single (b/w “Wolves” and live versions of “9-9” and “Gardening at Night”)
  • My Morning Jacket — Chocolate and Ice


  • Elvis Costello — Brutal Youth (and with this, I believe I have the entire studio output complete)
  • Ethiopiques  — Volume 8: Swinging Addis 1969 – 1974
  • Michael Jackson — Dangerous (Special Edition) (yeah, taking it all the way back to the 5th grade)
  • Delta Spirit — Ode to Sunshine

Two Things Collide: My Love for Elvis Costello and Vinyl just reported that Elvis Costello’s new record — awesomely titled Momofuko — is coming out April 22nd. And get this: it’s not even going to be available on CD, but rather as vinyl-only with a free digital download.

This puts gas in my go-cart for three reasons:

  1. I admittedly have a man-crush on Elvis Costello. Seriously, it’s a completely hetero-obsession with his amazing body of work, his unique and surprisingly versatile voice, his genius songwriting, and his penchant for big glasses and looking totally cool while holding a guitar. His last record, The Delivery Man, is one of the most solid albums I’m aware of from an artist in his fourth decade of output, so I can’t wait to hear this followup.
  2. As a vinyl collector, this move is almost like EC writing me a letter and telling me how cool I am. Vinyl has become my format of choice, especially now that most labels are making free downloads available with vinyl purchases. It’s the best of both worlds — I get the warm, analog sound and the killer physical artifact, and a hassle-free digital version for flexible listening.
  3. This now means that April, the month of my birth, contains three of my most majorly anticipated releases: the new Elvis Costello, the new R.E.M., and the long-awaited (as in ten years) third record from Portishead.

EC is playing the Ryman on April 23. We have great seats, thanks to my wife — one of the best birthday presents ever. It will be my first time to see EC live with a band. (We saw him last year with the Nashville Symphony. Amazing, but I’m looking forward to seeing EC hold a guitar like a badass and hopefully play “Hope You’re Happy Now” or “Man Out of Time” or “Welcome to the Working Week”.)